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The Beauty of Darkness

12 June
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I'm in love with the night and darkness and I revel in their beauty. I'm a very opinionated individual and I love to talk!! I love making new friends and KEEPING them. I consider myself a vey indepenent chick, or at least as independent as possible, in a sense that I don't follow stereotypical gender roles. I love being a female, females, and the power of the female! I am very much in love with the beauty of the human body (my own body being no exception) including the beautiful masculinity of a male and the sexy curves of a woman. I'm particularly vain, but very friendly and not over-egotistical. For pictures and another look at my personality check out http://www.myspace.com/pyresofhalloween .
60s, 70s, aaliyah, alice deejay, anastasia, ancient history, angela gossow, anime, anne bishop, annette curtis klause, arabic, arch enemy, beowulf, bi-curious, bi-sexual, black, bondage, bruce lee, bt, buddha, children of bodom, classic rock, cowboy bebop, creedence clearwater revival, cristina scabbia, crouching tiger hidden dragon, d'espairs ray, dance dance revolution, danzig, darkness, daydreaming, debate, deities, devdas, dimmu borgir, dir en grey, doyle wolfgang von frankenstein, edgar allan poe, egypt, evil j, female pharoahs, females, feminism, feminists, flirting, gackt, game of death, gay, gay rights, goddesses, gods, gogo yubari, gothic art, halloween, hatshepsut, hero, high tension, hindi, history, history channel, homosexuals, horror rock, house of flying daggers, incubi, inkubus sukkubus, ireland, iron monkey, j-rock, jackie chan, japanese culture, jesus, jimi hendrix, kill bill, kung pow, kyo, l'arc en ciel, lacuna coil, laurell k hamilton, lesbians, lucifer, making new friends, making out, males, malice mizer, mana, martial arts, masturbation, metallica, moi dix mois, moonlight, mxc, nighttime, nighttime walks, ong bak, onimusha, opeth, otep, passion, pharoahs, piercings, playing guitar, prince of persia, queen of the damned, rasputin, red violin, religion, rush hour2, russia, samhain, satan, singing, sketching, sonic mayhem, static x, strange dreams, succubi, sunset walks, system of a down, taco bell, talking, tattoos, team america, techno, techtv, tetris, the black jewels trilogy, the crow, the dandy warhols, the exorcist, the misfits, the prince of egypt, the rolling stones, the suicide club, the white stripes, tool, touching, trance, uma thurman, video games, voice acting, wiccans, witchcraft, witches, wolves, x-pac, x-play, zhang ziyi